[X3D-Public] SFMatrix3d

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 06:53:00 PDT 2009

Alexander Dong Back Kim wrote:
> Dear members,
> While I'm going through all the nodes, I've realized that none of the
> nodes use "SFMatrix3d" as the member variable. Did I miss something? or
> X3D specification just declares the field for future conveniences?

Grepping through source code of my engine (I have code to initialize
nodes from all components from X3D 3.2) SFMatrix3d is indeed not used by
any standard node. Same thing for e.g. SFMatrix4d and MFImage field types.

It can be used by future nodes. It can also be used by existing
EXTERNPROTOs (in case someone makes an extension using SFMatrix3d), and
may be declared as a field type inside Script nodes.


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