[X3D-Public] containerField is should or must ? largeattributes; compression

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 24 09:14:07 PDT 2010

>>> > What are you guys thinking???
>> count is superfluous/invalid, name is essential (and required by
>> schema/DTD)
> Knowing how much memory to allocate for a large array can make 
> parsing more performant.

Then maybe it shold be declared at the highest level possible, like 
maybe in the IndexedTriangleSet node. It is hazardous to need this in 
a whole series of related elements. Note the error-prone condition 
when count for both points and color are needed. Anyway, for many of 
these combinations, the X3D includes default behavior if actual counts 
or related fields are different.

The thrill or X3D is that if you are running a set that can be 
optimized by knowing the count as it is being fed in chunks to your 
runtime scenegraph builder, is that a player-provider can just make a 
quick change of that player and tell the authors that they can or need 
to tell the size of the content in terms of its typed data. Then they 
can add a count attribute somewhere(s) and use the possibly slightly 
modified player without a big deal, and if not too big sets, the user 
code would still run everywhere else.

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