[X3D-Public] Shaders - Re: Adobe At it Again

John A. Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Mon Jul 12 06:12:14 PDT 2010

> What about shading languages?  What's the web3D shading language?


There were 3 shading languages that were popular; all 3 went into the spec. NVidias one (Cg) is, IMHO, dead. 

FreeWRL supports GLSL - the OpenGL Shader language.

IIRC, BitManagement supports the Microsoft Shader language (which, as a sign of age I forget the name of at the moment) 

I think, in my little opinion, that the world is moving to GLSL. Certainly, it is platform independent.

Of course, GLSL is, like many things, in flux.... which is a course in itself.

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