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JOHN COADY johncoady at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 12 17:55:30 PDT 2010

Yes, that is precisely what I would like to do but I would like to set it externally from the Xj3D Browser like from a button in an html page. This means that I need to use a mechanism like External SAI. However, how can I get the NavigationInfo node from an arbitrarily loaded X3D scene. Is there a way to get the currently bound NavigationInfo node of a loaded scene using external SAI? The Xj3D browser provides an Xj3D specific extension to ExternalBrowser interface which I used to get the Xj3DNavigationUIManager. This Xj3DNavigationUIManager has routines to allow you to do things like change the viewpoint and navigation mode and the Xj3DNavigationUIListener has routines to tell you how many viewpoints a loaded scene has and which navigation modes are allowed for that scene etc. I just can't seem to get it to work as I expected and would like to know if I was doing something wrong, or is this mechanism just not implemented yet in Xj3D.

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> >> I would like to be able to set the navigation mode
> Thinking more about it, you just create a navigationInfo node 
> with the 
> parameter values you wish, then send set_bind to that node.
> I don't see any browser.getNavigationManager(); in the standard,
> or a way of changing navinfo type without updating then 
> rebinding the 
> navinfo node.
> Good Luck and Best Regards,
> Joe
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