[X3D-Public] Adobe At it Again

Charles Lamb charles.lamb at sdigovsolutions.com
Thu Jul 15 14:34:25 PDT 2010

If Adobe does a half-way decent job of it the product could dominate the
market because of the large number of people already using Flash.


I am working with the Multimedia Task Team for S1000D.  S1000D is an
"International Specification for Technical Publications utilizing a Common
Source Database".  It is used mainly for documenting aircraft and military
equipment (See http://public.s1000d.org/Pages/Home.aspx ).  Several months
ago the team decided to produce a sample document showing user interaction
with 3D models.  Out of all the possible formats for this they chose to use
Adobe's PDF.  The reason for this decision is that nearly all potential
viewers of the sample have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on their
computers.  Requiring installation of new software to view the sample would
cause bureaucratic delay getting permission to install the new software and
technical delay getting someone with sufficient system privileges to install
the new software.




Charles P. Lamb

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