[X3D-Public] Web3D 2010 Conference and SIGGRAPH 2010 Early Registration Deadline is today, June 4

Anita Havele anita.havele at web3d.org
Fri Jun 4 10:46:46 PDT 2010

A reminder, early registration deadline for the Web3D 2010 Conference and
SIGGRAPH 2010 is today 4 June, 2010.


15th International Conference on 3D Web Technology LA Convention Center Los
Angeles, CA USA

Sponsored & Co-Located w/ ACM SIGGRAPH - In Cooperation with Web3D
Consortium & EuroGraphics


Full & Short Paper announcements were made today.  

More information on the conference is available at:



Fifteenth in the series, the 2010 ACM International Web3D Conference will
address a wide range of topics about 3D on the World Wide Web and on
Multimedia Devices. Topics include: tools, object retrieval, rendering,
modeling, distributed virtual environments, exposing large-scale databases,
Web-wide human-computer interaction, and innovative applications. Of
particular interest are issues regarding the interoperability, durability or
delivery of 4D information assets.


The annual ACM Web3D Conference is a major event which unites researchers,
developers, entrepreneurs, experimenters, artists and content creators in a
dynamic learning environment. Attendees share and explore methods of using,
enhancing and creating new 3D Web and Multimedia technologies such as X3D,
VRML, Collada, MPEG family, U3D, Java3D. The conference highlights
capabilities and trends in interactive 3D graphics across a wide range of
applications and devices from mobile hand-helds to high-end immersive


This year the Web3D Conference is bringing back its Web3D Art Show. The 

event will feature veteran designers and artists showcasing Web3D art 

with text, video, and virtual worlds. More information on the Art Show 

and Art submission is available at: 



We look forward to seeing you there!


Best regards,



Anita Havele

Executive Director, Web3D Consortium    <http://www.web3d.org/>

Phone: +1 248 342 7662

Fax: +1 650 362 1943

Skype: anita.havele


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