[X3D-Public] Variant browser behavior

Charles Lamb charles.lamb at sdigovsolutions.com
Tue Jun 8 08:27:03 PDT 2010

I have created to the following set of nodes and routes to animate a scene
in which the viewpoint is moved when the scene is first loaded and, when the
viewpoint move is complete, an animation loop begins.  The animation driven
by the TimeSensor "Time" works as I expect it to when rendered by the Xj3D
Browser and the open source flux browser.  FreeWRL, BS Contact, and Octaga
do not seem to ever start the TimeSensor "Time".  Which behavior is correct?


    <ProximitySensor DEF='HereIAm' size='1000 1000 1000' enabled='true'/>


    <!-- move to default viewpoint -->

    <TimeSensor DEF="PositionTime" cycleInterval="5" loop="false"/>

    <ROUTE fromNode="HereIAm" fromField="enterTime" toNode="PositionTime"

    <!-- start animation sequences -->

    <BooleanFilter DEF="IntroFinished"/>

    <TimeTrigger DEF="IntroStartTime"/>

    <TimeSensor DEF='Time' enabled='false' cycleInterval='8' loop='true'/>

    <ROUTE fromNode='PositionTime' fromField='isActive'
toNode='IntroFinished' toField='set_boolean'/>

    <ROUTE fromNode='IntroFinished' fromField='inputFalse'
toNode='IntroStartTime' toField='set_boolean'/>

    <ROUTE fromNode='IntroStartTime' fromField='triggerTime' toNode='Time'

    <ROUTE fromNode='IntroFinished' fromField='inputFalse' toNode='Time'

    <!-- end animation sequences-->




Charles P. Lamb


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