[X3D-Public] Variant browser behavior

Alan Hudson giles at yumetech.com
Wed Jun 9 08:13:43 PDT 2010

Espen Ottar wrote:
> In Octaga this does not work because when "IntroFinished.set_boolean" 
> receives a FALSE event it sends
> a FALSE event out on the "IntroFinished.inputFalse" and thus the 
> "Time.enabled" is always set to FALSE.
> As i interpret the spec this is the correct behaviour.
> To make it work, you could change:
> <ROUTE fromNode='IntroFinished' fromField='inputFalse' toNode='Time' 
> toField='enabled'/>
> to
> <ROUTE fromNode='IntroFinished' fromField='inputNegate' toNode='Time' 
> toField='enabled'/>

did you really mean to route two values into the same field?  Ie if this 
is sending true and false to the timesensor's enabled field on the same 
frame then its behavior is unspecified.

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