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Thank you for being a key contributor towards the development of X3D over
the last 10 years.  Media Machines made significant contributions to X3D.
Your team has been supporters of open standards and developed a great X3D
player and authoring tool under your leadership. It's regrettable that these
products will have no further support. Let's hope 3D content developers will
use open source Flux Player Code, and also Vivaty Studio which author's X3D
content. Please keep us informed of any further developments on these


Again, thank you for all your contributions and good luck with your future



Best regards,



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In case you have not heard:


Microsoft has acquired IP and key employees from Vivaty and will be

incorporating some of this technology into future products.


So, its not looking good for any further support of the Vivaty Player,

or Vivaty Studio.

You are certainly welcome to the open source Flux Player Code, and the

various versions of Vivaty Studio that are floating around.


Thanks for all your support over the years. It's been a hoot!

And, thanks to Tony Parisi, for all that he put into Flux/Vivaty.


Good Luck!


Keith Victor

Microsoft  Xbox LIVE



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