[X3D-Public] wings in H-Anim

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 15 10:52:56 PDT 2010

> Does H-Anim support wings?

If you follow the H-Anim standard for the hand and change the segment 
locations and lengths, and add/subtract features special to a wing 
structure and stretch the skin over it a bit differently, then yes. I 
think whatever the model is it ends up consisting of the advanced yet 
common H-Anim joint and segment concept and skin vertices attached and 
displaced according to joint animations.



is a hand example that is not quite totally correct,evidently.

X3D H-Anim Examples

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> Does H-Anim support wings?   On TurboSquid, there are some fairy 
> models for a price, which I assume I could import into Blender.  I'm 
> not sure how to animate the wing motion.  I've seen some animated 
> wings on Second Life.  What I am trying to do is generate an 
> animated GIF with transparent background for inclusion on a website. 
> The fairy will fly over a bunch of static images of plants.
> John
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