[X3D-Public] New Version: Deep MatrixIP9 1.02 Open-source Multi-user System

Russ Kinter pyth7 at verizon.net
Sat Jun 26 17:46:16 PDT 2010

A new version for Deep MatrixIP9 is now available for download here:
Deep MatrixIP9 is an open-source multi-user client/server system for
vrml/x3d formats and currently works specifically for the 3D viewer Instant
Player: http://www.instantreality.org <http://www.instantreality.org/> 
System requirements, features, a Quick Start guide as well as general
documentation can be found here: 
More information can be found at: http://www.deepmatrix.org
Changes in version 1.02 are:
1. Fixed crashes involving avatars and worlds with numerous
2. Allow the end-user to specify which local IP number and port are to be
used for the
 EAI communication between the Java client and Instant Player.
3. Scripts for Linux -tested on Fedora 11 and Ubuntu 9.04 only.
4. Documentation updates for running Deep MatrixIP9 on Linux.
5. Modified Window scripts so they take into account the possible installs
for Instant Player.
  (Program Files/Program Files (x86)/Instant Player/Instant Reality)
6. Added a version command so a user can determine their version of Deep
7. Improved some syntax of the help info given by the client.
The change log can be found here: http://www.deepmatrix.org/change_log.txt 
All development and testing was done on Windows XP, Mac OS X Tiger, Fedora
11 and Ubuntu 9.04 operating systems.
The functionality on Windows7, Vista, Leopard and other Linux systems is
currently unknown, therefore a brief description of what SHOULD happen when
entering the "Matrix" start world of the public server is in order.
1. You should hear an Indian (Carnactic) mp3 file playing at modest volume.
2. After acknowledgement and credits roll by in the chat a web page
describing the worlds of the Deep Matrix public server should load.
Please address any failures to me at pyth7 at deepmatrix.org or the site's
Russ Kinter
"All the fires of Cain's motivation cannot burn a love that's sound." -
Stacy Sutherland
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