[X3D-Public] DEADLINE EXTENDED [Computer Graphics For Simulation paper track at SCSC'10 Final Call for papers]

John F. Richardson richards at spawar.navy.mil
Mon Mar 1 17:19:31 PST 2010


DEADLINE EXTENDED to March 22, 2010



Final Call for Papers for the Computer Graphics for Simulation Track at the
Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'10)

July 11-14, 2010 [Ottawa, Canada]


http://www.dacya.ucm.es/jlrisco/SCSC10/doku.php?id=scsc [general conference
topics of interest list plus general author information, Ottawa


http://www.dacya.ucm.es/jlrisco/SCSC10/doku.php?id=tracks [this has the
SCSC'10 Tracks with the Computer Graphics for Simulation track details]


The details are at

{please note that the submission deadline was moved forward to March 22,
2010 and acceptance notification to April 30, 2010, camera ready to May 28,


SCSC'10 is part of the 2010 International Simulation Multi-conference


You can go straight to the details or start at www.scs.org [ Society for
Computer Simulation International ] and browse...


Details above in cg_scsc2010.pdf, but a synopsis of topics is:

-        General Computer Graphics [rendering, terrain, deformations, large
VE's, volume visualization, military, CG support for simulation

-        Web3D for Simulation [VRML/X3D/COLLADA/OSG/KML/O3D, NVIDIA CUDA,
OpenCL [Open Compute Language for CPU/GPU scheduling,.]

-        Computational Grids for Simulation [adaptive, parallel,.]

-        3-D Modeling and Animation Systems use in Simulations [commercial,
open source, video, CAD, solid, organic, file export interoperability,.]

-        Art in Simulation [color, textures, lighting, art for VE's,.]



John F. Richardson



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