[X3D-Public] Cookies in FF and Chrome with BS Contact

GLG info at 3dnetproductions.com
Tue Nov 16 09:00:35 PST 2010


I was wondering if anyone has relevant experience with
Browser.getCookie() in Contact with Firefox and/or Chrome. 
Works fine for me with Internet Explorer. All latest

I use it like this:

CookieString =

This is a persistent cookie I initially set with CGI/Perl. I
then read it and manipulate it with Javascript on another
page as per user input (that part works fine with all
browsers). Trouble is when I attempt to read it again inside
a *.wrl script as above. The world spans across several
directories on the same domain so I use the '/' path and
leave the domain field blank when setting up the cookie
(which defaults to www.example.com). 

Still all I get is 'Browser.setCookie() failed' in the
console. This is not a typo, I call 'getCookie' and the
error returns 'setCookie'). And the value of SFString
CookieString is nothing/blank.

I work with plenty of cookies, but this is the first time I
try to read one from a world script. Works flawlessly in IE
but no go with the others. Are there limitations or bugs I
should be aware off? Am I missing something? Extensive
searches turned nothing useful; perhaps someone here has
seen this before.


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