[X3D-Public] IndexedLineSet Line Width?

John A. Stewart astewart at crc.ca
Tue Nov 23 05:32:03 PST 2010


> 2. I tried the code below in x3dv format, got single-width line.  I
> didn't put in the metadata stuff, is that essential?
> 3. I'm hoping this will work with a 3D ILS, not just 2D. Is that what
> it's supposed to do?

Below is more code I put together based on your example.

I get a fairly thick "N".

Note that lineWidth of 10 is much thicker than a line width of 1, but  
going to a line width of 50 just does not work.

Note that, on opengl, the calls to glPointSize and glLineWidth may  
clamp to an arbitrary maximum; if a browser uses these calls for  
setting the size, then it may not work on specific hardware.

Put the following in an X3D header:

<IndexedLineSet coordIndex='0 1 2 3 -1' containerField='geometry'>
<Coordinate point='-1 0 -1 -0.5 1 1 0 0 -0.5 0.5 1 1 1 0 0.5'/>
<LineProperties DEF='TestLineProperties' linetype='1'  
linewidthScaleFactor='10' applied='true'  
<MetadataString name='test LineProperties metadata child'  
<Material diffuseColor='0 0 0' emissiveColor='1 0.5 1'/>

John A. Stewart.

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