[X3D-Public] XMPP ( DIS-XML ) implementation.

Sven-Erik Tiberg Sven-Erik.Tiberg at ltu.se
Sat Nov 27 02:55:11 PST 2010


As I mentioned earlier, we are setting up a Driver simulator using distributed control and visiualation.
The nodes are
1.- QSIM Motionbase 6 D.O.F. control computer with custom made SW including python API. 
2.- Simulation engine with visualisation for the driver ( CarSim RT / DS  with Mathworks.Simulink API )
3.- HID ( Human Interface Device , wheel, pedals, dashboard instruments ( real or VR ) and so on )
4.- Optional monitor and control node using Ipod.
5.- Protocol handler node with ejabberd server.

Our approach are to use XMPP/DIS-XML for state transfere.
To save as much time we can we will use CarSim RT/DS for visualisation of the road and simulation of car dynamics, but the aproach of using XMPP over a ejabberd server makes it possible to use another simulation engine and X3D-client in the future as the other nodes are not influenced on splitting 2.- into two or more nodes.
PS. 1.- can aslo be another unit in the future.

Presently we are only a few persons working on this but we hope to bring in students in the near future.

And my part at the moment are to search information about DIS-XML and how to define a chema for transfering states between the nodes.
Appreciate any tips on this.

PS. we use http://wbsp.arb.ltu.se/Motionbase as our common work space.

/Sven-Erik Tiberg


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