[X3D-Public] [X3D] X3D HTML5 meeting discussions: Declarative 3D interest group at W3C

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Tue Nov 30 04:59:20 PST 2010

Here are minutes from our discussion last Tuesday 23 NOV.

Attendees:  Philipp Slusallek, Johannes Behr, Leonard Daly, Anita Havele,
Kristian Sons, Don Brutzman.
Regrets:  Nick Polys.

On 11/9/2010 9:04 AM, Don Brutzman wrote:
> [...]
> We had a very interesting discussion about last week's meetings at
> W3C Technical Plenary. Slides at
> http://www.w3.org/2010/11/TPAC/PlenaryAgenda
> [...]
> Hopefully we will then plan another meeting to discuss the possible
> formation of a Declarative 3D Incubator Group at W3C.

We first reviewed the slides and impressions of the TPAC meeting.

# 3D on the Web, by Kristian Sons (DFKI)

# HTML5-X3D Graphics Demo: Event Passing Between Standards, by Johannes Behr
	(Fraunhofer IGD, Web3D Consortium)

# Point of Interests for the Web, by Matt Womer (W3C) [slides]

# Taking Accessibility to the Next Dimension: Thoughts About Canvas 3D, by
	Martin Kliehm (Namics)
There were a number of possibilities presented here but little technical
detail.  Typically the term Canvas3D is used to indicate that a 3D API
might be available to HTML5 authors which can use either OpenGL or
DirectX underneath.

Some similar notions there to WebGL, which now has a compatibility layer for
DirectX (called Angel).

- Declarative 3D ideas are interesting  to W3C members
- Tight integration with HTML5 desirable

History with W3C, WAI issues

Merits of Incubator group to establish requirements

I asked about apparent contradictions in XML3D slide about
X3D, response was to not to read too much into them.
Kristian said that the discussions on site noted there were some
differences between XML3D and X3D but that a number of similarities

Any incubator goals will have to reach clarity about the needed
requirements for declarative 3D representations on the web.
We agreed that there is a need to be very clear statement.
and development goals


We will have another teleconference on this topic next week,
same time Tuesday 8-9 pacific 5-6 Germany on Web3D teleconference
line.   Feedback and interest are welcome.

all the best, Don
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