[X3D-Public] Tourtelotte Thesis on X3D Earth globe construction

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Oct 13 08:40:12 PDT 2010

Large (27.7 MB) demo video available:


This video shows Xj3D stepping through the California/Nevada/Arizona
dataset.  Slow but workable.

Not shown in this video:  BS Contact Geo which loads the topmost
tiles in 9 seconds vice 54 seconds.  We'll create another video
to show that.

All source code of interest is included in the theses appendices
and also checked into Web3D's X3D project on SourceForge.  We
will further provide access to qualified researchers on request
to experiment with the Hudson-based automatic build process.

As discussed today, the major lessons learned are that globe models
- are very large but nevertheless workable
- need further preprocessing and optimization, particularly for
	users traversing and navigating across wide areas

all the best, Don
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