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Subject: SFSIG The Camera Of The Future, Oct.21, SF-SV ACM SIGGRAPH

> The Camera of the Future
> by Todor Georgiev, Senior Research Scientist, Adobe Systems
> DATE: Thursday, October 21, 2010
> 7:30pm, Doors open, drinks, snacks
> 8:00pm, Presentation
> SC12, Main Auditorium,
> 3600 Juliette Lane
> Santa Clara 95054
> (Enter in front, but park accross the street)
> Recently we and others have gained deeper understanding of the 
> fundamentals of the plenoptic camera and Lippmann sensor. As a 
> result, we have developed new rendering approaches to improve 
> resolution, remove artifacts, and render in real time. By capturing 
> multiple modalities simultaneously, our camera captures images that 
> are focusable after the fact and which can be displayed in multi 
> view stereo. The camera can also be configured to capture HDR, 
> polarization, multispectral color and other modalities. With 
> superresolution techniques we can even render results that approach 
> full sensor resolution. During our presentation we will demonstrate 
> interactive real time rendering of 3D views with after the fact 
> focusing.
> Related technologies: Integral Photography, Light Field, 
> Multi-Aperture Sensor, TOMBO, Panoptes.
> Todor Georgiev is a senior research scientist at Adobe Systems, 
> working closely with the Photoshop group. Having PhD in theoretical 
> physics, he concentrates on applications of mathematical methods 
> taken from physics to image processing, graphics, and vision. He is 
> the author of the Healing Brush tool in Photoshop, the method better 
> known as Poisson image editing. Currently he is working on a range 
> of ideas related to plenoptic cameras and capture/manipulations of 
> the radiance, that extend photography from 2D to 3D. He has a number 
> of papers and patents in these areas.
> http://www.tgeorgiev...
> Co-author Andrew Lumsdaine received the PhD degree in electrical 
> engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of 
> Technology in 1992. He is presently a professor of computer science 
> at Indiana University, where he is also the director of the Open 
> Systems Laboratory. His research interests include computational 
> science and engineering, parallel and distributed computing, 
> mathematical software, numerical analysis, and radiance photography. 
> He is a member of the IEEE, the IEEE Computer Society, the ACM, and 


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