[X3D-Public] Any other player compatible with Ajax3D and External SAI (JavaScript)?

Dave A dave at realmofconcepts.com
Tue Sep 7 08:50:21 PDT 2010

Welcome to the wonderful world of ISO standard 3D. Most players talk SAI, all different. I have found Contact to be pretty good, but no documented way to get events out on Firefox or Chrome, and is it on mac yet? Insant Reality holds a lot of promise. I've also used Cortona pretty well.

"joseba beristain" <joseba.beristain at cidemco.es> wrote:

>Dear x3d mailing list members,
>I was working in a project using Ajax3D and JavaScript+External SAI within Vivaty.
>Since Vivaty is dead, I need to use another X3D  player.
>But my surprise is that not BS Contact or Octaga are working as expected. It seems there is a problem when getting "Browser" using JavaScript.
>Does anybody have a successful experience using BS Contact or Octaga and External SAI with JavaScript?
>Thank you in advanced!
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