[X3D-Public] - Re: Any other player compatible with Ajax3D and External SAI (JavaScript)?

Russ Kinter pyth7 at verizon.net
Fri Sep 10 12:08:09 PDT 2010

The Java EAI implementations were far better cross-browser wise. Given that
I got my code working in Contact, Cortona, Cosmoplayer, WorldView and now
Instant Player is proof of that. Put EAI down as not user friendly or
because it's usually Java, but it is successful in the cross-browser
department while the "modern" JavaScript External SAI isn't.

Russ Kinter

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> Hi,
> Thanks for this information. It's "funny" to see that standards are not so
> standards. I understood is not very easy to implement something so complex
> as an 3D API but...
> You mention Cortona. If I'm not wrong, Cortona is working just with vrml,
> doesn't it?
> joseba
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> Welcome to the wonderful world of ISO standard 3D. Most players talk SAI,
> all different. I have found Contact to be pretty good, but no documented
> way to get events out on Firefox or Chrome, and is it on mac yet? Insant
> Reality holds a lot of promise. I've also used Cortona pretty well.
> "joseba beristain" <joseba.beristain at cidemco.es> wrote:
> >Dear x3d mailing list members,
> >
> >I was working in a project using Ajax3D and JavaScript+External SAI
> within Vivaty.
> >
> >Since Vivaty is dead, I need to use another X3D  player.
> >
> >But my surprise is that not BS Contact or Octaga are working as expected.
> It seems there is a problem when getting "Browser" using JavaScript.
> >
> >Does anybody have a successful experience using BS Contact or Octaga and
> External SAI with JavaScript?
> >
> >Thank you in advanced!
> >
> >joseba
> >
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