[X3D-Public] Want to contribute your thoughts on existing open standards and AR?

Damon H web3dstudent at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 01:37:19 PDT 2010

Hello fellow X3D'ers,
  I want to share with those working with augmented reality that the AR
Standards Workshop <http://www.perey.com/ARStandardsMeeting.html> going on
next month in Seoul, Korea has a few slots left for last minute papers.
There are great members on the program committee from various domains that I
feel could learn a lot from what this community is already doing with
existing open standards and AR. Paper submission details can be found
and the submission deadline will be extended for contributors that contact
the workshop co-chairs or reply to this email.

Best regards,

-- "We are all students of the emerging 3D web"
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