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There is a nice program out there to show how a 3D Interactive animation could look: http://www.algodoo.com/wiki/Home
For a short introduction and inspiratio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa9xn-xYQQk
The simulation engiine behind the GUI are described at: http://www.algoryx.se/ and they are interested in developing HTML5/3D as a GUI.

/Sven-Erik Tiberg

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Dear Saurabh,

Great article on 3D Simulation<http://www.ecnmag.com/Articles/2010/09/Design-Talk/Enhancing-Simulation-Studies-with-3D-Animation/>!  We at the Web3D Consortium (keepers  of X3D and VRML) would like to merit you for envisioning the value proposition of using open standards 3D authoring tools in the engineering field. Creating rich interactive and immersive 3D content with modeling, animation and behaviors has several challenges. Your discussions and examples (X3D/VRML) on powerful standards based 3D technology for functionality and interoperability is essential to bring 3D to the mainstream.  Might we publish excerpts from your article on our home page (www.web3d.org<https://mail.ltu.se/owa/UrlBlockedError.aspx>)

Web3D Consortium along with its members is maintaining and extending its standardization activities to build cohesive durable 3D standards for the industry. Some of our recent development work involve:  A Mobile + HTML5 profile<http://www.web3d.org/x3d/wiki/index.php/X3D_and_HTML5> for X3D, Boundary Representations (B-Reps) nodes, X3D Earth: “mash up” globe data on-the-fly from OpenStreetMap and OpenAerialMap, Compressed Binary Encoding support and more.  We also have collaborative efforts with ISO, W3C, DICOM, Khronos and OGC standards organizations to move our standard forward.
If you have any questions regarding our standard or organization please feel free to call or email me at anita.havele at web3d.org<mailto:anita.havele at web3d.org>. We look forward to your further support of the X3D/VRML standard and invite you to get involved with this evolving technology while networking with 3D technology leaders.
Best regards,
Anita Havele
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