[X3D-Public] bug report: mysterious errors when using ProtoDeclare IS/connect for Viewpoint, NavigationInfo

Alan Hudson giles at yumetech.com
Mon Apr 25 09:37:01 PDT 2011

On 4/25/2011 9:34 AM, Don Brutzman wrote:
> Hi Peter and Johannes.  Here is a common failure in BS Contact and InstantReality
> that works in Xj3D.  I am hoping we can sort it out, the error may be in the
> way this advanced content is put together.
> There are no exotic concepts involved, just straightforward use of
> the following advanced design pattern:
> 	ProtoDeclare
> 		ProtoInterface
> 			fields, including SFNode Viewpoint and NavInfo
> 		ProtoBody
> 			Shape
> 			Script
> 				fields
> 					IS/connect links
> 	ExternProtoDeclare
> 	ProtoInstance
> 		fiedValues, including SFNode Viewpoint and NavInfo
This might be related to the unresolved spec question of whether field 
values in a declaration are used as references or copies.  I know Xj3D 
and BitManagement are different on this issue.  Can't remember which way 
Xj3D came down on the question I vaguely think reference.

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