[X3D-Public] INFO: InstantReality 2.0 Release

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 2 08:47:36 PST 2011

Thank You, Johannes

Ihave updated an example set at:


everything works fine is what I must call the performance standard 
BSContact and now only one problem in the laughing skeleton which I am 
trying to track down.
Anyway, thanks again for everyone's efforts to improve Instant Player 
and Best Regards,
zip at: http://www.hypermultimedia.com/x3d/JoeX3D/JoeX3D.zip


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Dear InstantReality-User and everyone else,

after (a way to long) beta period of three years the development 
process is now at a point where we finally release the official 
version 2.0:


Besides major and minor bugfixes this release includes also some new 
features,  which were added since Beta7. There is also a new online 
section that provides examples for some of these new features.


_New Base Features_:

Realtime texture-compression to improve cluster-rendering (e.g. for 
SAI plugins now support DOM access for X3DOM (www.x3dom.org)
New download/ creation manager which creates a context in parallel – 
used in Inline and GeoLOD nodes
New W3C XMLHttpRequest object in JavaScript
New and much easier license installation process with user.irlicense 

_New Nodes_

Geospatial: GeoPositionInterpolator, GeoProximitySensor, 
GeoElevationGrid, GeoLOD, GeoOrigin, GeoTouchSensor, GeoMetadata, 
GeoViewpoint, GeoLocation, GeoCoordinate
TreeSensor: BboxSensor2D
Geometry3D: SphericalHarmonics
Shader: SurfaceShader, CommonSurfaceShader, SurfaceShaderTexture

_New Devices_:

Replaced Wii backend with a new implementation that has improved 
support for buttons, accelerometer, IR cmera, board, event rumble and 
LED output.
SHORE-FaceTracker: integrated Fraunhofer IIS – SHORE FaceDetector
TUIO-backend: InstantIO TUIO 1.1 device support for receiving 2D, 
2.5D, 3D udp packages.
NI-Backend: Microsoft Kinect and other OpenNI compatible devices 
supporting camera color and depth frames, skeleton tracking, user and 
gesture recognition.

_Improved Base Features_:

Large-Scene rendering performance: New hierarchic small feature culler 
(check Environment.smallFeatureCullingMode)


We provide 32/64-bit builds for Windows and the major 
Linux-distributions and Universal-Builds for Mac.


This release uses now VisualStudio 2008 on Windows. Please 
recompile/relink you C++ Plugins for the IO-Subsystem.

Any further information can be found on the web-page:


best regards
johannes behr
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