[X3D-Public] Does anyone export per-vertex normals?

Bederov, Sergey bederov at cortona3d.com
Fri Feb 11 04:20:00 PST 2011

Hello Dave,

Usually there is no need to create a new mesh, you might just create new
vertices with identical coordinates. Having many meshes can impact
performance, so usually one mesh is better.

The specification is a bit vague about the interpretation of
creaseAngle: it talks about faces while in fact we have to generate
normals for vertices (or, more specifically, for each corner of each
face). Actually you will have to find groups of faces with "smooth"
edges around a vertex and calculate an average normal for each group.

                                                    Sergey Bederov

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> Thanks Michalis. I'm actually writing an importer/player, and was
> how this works. The player tech uses per-vertex normals. I think this
> that, and check me if I'm wrong:
> If only a crease angle is given, I should, at each vertex, find the
> between faces, and if greater than crease, create a 'smooth'
> normals based on surrounding faces. If less (flat), create a NEW mesh,
> removing that face from the rest, and for each of its vertices, set
> normals same as the face's normal. If flat shaded, might as well
create a
> separate mesh for each face, with such normals.
> Does that sound about right?
> Dave A.

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