[X3D-Public] Export to X3D updated in new Blender version 2.56 beta

JOHN COADY johncoady at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 12 05:17:50 PST 2011

To report a bug go to

  www.blender.org -> click on Development tab -> click on Report a bug tab  -> Click on Blender 2.5 (or 2.49) Bug Tracker -> log in -> create new 

  I think right now they are concentrating on fixing bugs with the current functionality so they can put out a general release of blender 2.5 and get it out of beta. If something is broken, they will fix it right away. If they consider it new functionality, that wasn't previously supported, they will add it to their "to do list" and they will get to it eventually. For instance, I wrote reported a bug that they don't export blender Animation data to the X3D file and make use of X3D animation nodes and since animation wasn't previously supported, they added it to their to do list. Same thing with multiple textures, they never used the X3D multitexture node in the past so they didn't fix it right away.  

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Just tried this myself. I'm dismayed that there are so few options (same as 2.49), and there are no normals exported.  Anyone know how or to whom bugs are reported?

Dave A.

On 1/3/2011 12:14 PM, JOHN COADY wrote:

Blender just released version 2.56 beta which contains a number of bug fixes in the Export to X3D functionality. Here is a link to some sample blender models that were exported to X3D. Just click on the SampleX buttons to view the 3D content.
Additional samples can be found at this site. Sample16 to Sample24 were exported from blender.
It is expected that the next release of Blender will be a non-beta version, so if anyone comes across any bugs in the Export to X3D functionality, please report the bug so that it can be fixed before the next release.
You can get the latest version of blender here.
and one of the best tutorials on getting started with the new blender can be found here. The video tutorials are quite good.

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