[X3D-Public] PixelTexture render problems in major browsers

Patrick Dähne pdaehne at zgdv.de
Sat Feb 12 10:35:24 PST 2011

Sorry, wrong attachment. Now with the correct file attached:

On 12.02.2011, at 16:56, Don Brutzman wrote:

> However BS Contact, Instant Reality and Octaga all produce a scene
> looking like the second snapshot: PixelTextureFlawedRendering.png
> This is such a simple PixelTexture that it appears clearly to be a
> flaw in each browser.  Possibly it is an unreported deficiency or
> lack of clarity in the X3D Specification, however.
> http://www.web3d.org/x3d/specifications/ISO-IEC-19775-1.2-X3D-AbstractSpecification/Part01/components/texturing.html#PixelTexture
> Can each of the browser companies address this issue please?  TIA.

Simply add a TextureProperties node to the PixelTexture node and set its magnificationFilter field to "NEAREST_PIXEL":

<PixelTexture image='2 2 3 0xFF0000 0xFFFF00 0xFFFF00 0xFF0000'>
 <TextureProperties magnificationFilter='NEAREST_PIXEL'/>

The default value for magnificationFilter is "FASTEST". Instant Player as well as BS Contact and Octaga map that default value to "AVG_PIXEL". Xj3D and FreeWRL map it to "NEAREST_PIXEL". Neither version is wrong or flawed - it is simply not specified how to handle "FASTEST".

A fixed version of your example is attached to this email. It should give the expected result on all browsers - but I did only test it on Instant Player.



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