[X3D-Public] PixelTexture render problems in major browsers

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Sun Feb 13 12:46:11 PST 2011

Thanks for all of the helpful replies!  Problem is much clearer now.

It would seem that a specification clarification is needed to
avoid ambiguous results when rendering X3D scenes like these.

Hmmm, we could set default value as

	<TextureProperties magnificationFilter='NEAREST_PIXEL'/>

or maybe should the default be adjusted depending on texture size?
Not clear whether this is a consistently definable approach...

The current spec for TextureProperties is at

What if we changed spec defaults from FASTEST to NICEST? in other words

     SFString    [in,out] magnificationFilter "FASTEST" [see Table 18.8]
     SFString    [in,out] minificationFilter  "FASTEST" [see Table 18.9]
     SFString    [in,out] magnificationFilter "NICEST"  [see Table 18.8]
     SFString    [in,out] minificationFilter  "NICEST"  [see Table 18.9]

where the tables say:

	"FASTEST" 	Select the fastest method available.
	"NICEST" 	Select the highest quality method available.

and for minification table 18.9, each description also says
			Mipmaps shall be used, if available.

Is this enough to give browsers the leeway to "do the right thing" on
smaller images like these PixelTexture examples?

Alternatively, can anybody suggest a better specification change?
(Don't worry about grammar or style, justfunctional characteristics.)

p.s. of note is that TextureProperties was added as part of X3D v3.2
and so it would seem this introduced some incompatibilities with
historic rendering of content.  In other words,
- content that is presented as X3D 3.0 or 3.1 should not suddenly
	be rendering differently because X3D v3.2 introduced changes
- content in version 3.0 or 3.1 can't add TextureProperties without
	changing version

So, depending on how the above solution is resolved, we might also
add a sentence about maintaining backwards compatibility with the
expected v3.0, v3.1 rendering.

Confirmation of version content:  seeTextureProperties under

all the best, Don
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