[X3D-Public] remote motion invocation (RMI)

John Carlson john.carlson3 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 25 20:49:18 PST 2011

Instead of downloading motion into a 3D scene, how about uploading motion into a remote social network server or robot?  One could upload motions to a remote server, and then invoke them with parameters.  One could create classes aggregating motion methods, instantiate classes to create behaviors in avatars or robots.

What if H-Anim was used to upload and control avatars remotely, instead of downloaded models?  What I am thinking of is something like Kinect/PrimeSense for primitive motion input + a programming language for repetition/parameterization/classes/instantation.  What if I chose a protocol/programming such as JavaScript?

Does DIS do this?  Are there any patents to be aware of?  If we use something like Caja on the server, or sandbox the motion on the server, could we insure the security of such an endeavor?

Initially, I am thinking only of video download.


John Carlson

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