[X3D-Public] remote animation invocation (RAI)

John Carlson john.carlson3 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 26 17:06:04 PST 2011

One nice thing about video is that you don't need to actually store (and worry about DRM) a lot on the user equipment--just pixels. Whereas with X3D (and other 3D technologies), you've got to store (and attempt to protect) the DOM, the Scripts, the routes plus whatever the browser needs in RAM to run.

What I am attempting to make a value proposition out of is *selling* (perhaps for free) and *distributing* motion that is generated by end-users.  The goal would be to create a market out of creating motion-generated programs derived from Kinect or similar technologies.  We already can sell input from keyboards and mice which generated programs.  What about creating programs using other input devices?  If you want to call this "authoring" that's OK.  I just call it programming.  Others might call it animation.  Maybe dance is the best term.  I'm ready to separate myself from the keyboard and mouse and get with a less sedentary job--doing essentially exactly the same thing.


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