[X3D-Public] MultiTexture support added to X3D-Edit; examples still needed

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 09:05:11 PST 2011

Don Brutzman wrote:
> A few wording improvements to the node definitions in the
> X3D Specification have also been accomplished by the X3D Working Group.
> Thanks Len Daly and Dick Puk.

Great to see that the MultiTexture spec is finally getting some
corrections. If it's possible to get some peek of the fixed
specification (without being a member), I would be grateful. I was
whihing a lot about problems with MultiTexture spec, and would like to
see if at least some of concerns mentioned here are fixed:


> Still needed:  sample MultiTexture scenes for the example archives.
> Contributions or suggestions welcome.

I have multitexturing tests inside my
http://vrmlengine.sourceforge.net/kambi_vrml_test_suite.php . The
primary (boring) tests are inside x3d/ subdirectory there, look for
multi_tex_*.x3dv models. Beware that they are not some impressive
models, they only test various multitex setups. (There are more
impressive demos of multitexturing in other files, but these are often
coupled with other features or extensions, like shaders or shadow maps.)

They are officially on GNU GPL >= 2.0, so you can already reuse them
without even asking me :) For the sake of web3d.org tests, I can agree
to relicense them on some other license too.


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