[X3D-Public] iPhone/iPad version of FreeWRL in alpha stage - call for developers

John A. Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Mon Feb 28 09:29:55 PST 2011

Dear X3D Public mailing list members;

We are adding iPhones, etc. to the list of devices that FreeWRL runs on. Right now, directions for building it for either the iPhone device or the simulator, are on line at:


If you are interested in actively participating, or passively following this project, please feel free to join the mailing list, directions here:


Yes, the iPhone build at this moment is severely restricted in functionality, but if:

- you want to experiment with GUIs and want an X3D back end to play with, here it is;
- you want to hone up on ES 2.0 shader writing, here it is;
- you want to embed an X3D engine into your project, here it is.
- you want to do something we have not thought about, here is the building blocks for you.

Thank you;

John A. Stewart. 

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