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John F. Richardson richards at spawar.navy.mil
Tue Jul 5 11:11:18 PDT 2011


What about OpenVRML [at source forge]. The import may be modularized and extractable as a unit.

Next, you might want to check out what libraries or strategies are being used by OpenScengraph [or even OpenSG] to import VRML / X3D.

Then there is FreeWRL. They may have their import modularized and extractable as a unit.

John F. Richardson

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@m17, this needs to be automated  and something I can roll into
blenders importer.

@Dave A, the parser has been fairly well tested but is really not nice
code and not optimal and I'd be happy to just remove it and use an
external converter.

Regarding InstantPlayer/aopt, I couldnt find the source code to this
anywhere. Looked in...


Which is the only repo I could find from:

But couldn't see any reference to this tool, anyone know where I could
find its source?

On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 10:59 AM, yiqi <m17design at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Campbell,
> You can open a .wrl file by BS Contact,
> then File / Save State As...
> and select save type as X3D Files(*.x3d,*.x3d.xml),
> and modify the result file by hand.
> - m17
> -----------------------------------------------
> - http://17de.com/x3d/index.en.html
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> Subject: [X3D-Public] VRML to X3D converter
> Hi, I searched this topic and while there are many answers they seem to be
> - A graphical application
> - geometry converters, any-format --> any-format, which loose the VRML
> structure.
> - Missing - 404.
> - not GPL compatible (eg: free for non commercial use)
> I would like a simple command line application or library (preferably
> C/C++) to convert VRML to X3D, so we can drop VRML support in
> Blender3D and have the importer call the converter when its needed.
> This way I can just make use of an XML library and not have a VRML
> parser which is not that good anyway.
> Anyone know of a good converter?
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> - Campbell
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- Campbell

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