[X3D-Public] The Network Sensor is not enough

Christoph Valentin christoph.valentin at gmx.at
Tue Jun 14 13:20:14 PDT 2011

Hello Russ

Thank you for the clarification. And sorry for late response.

My SRR Framework depends on "X3D" + "Network Sensor" only, so I guess, it 
would be easy stuff to port it to any MU system you like.

However, currently I support multi-user-mode only with BS Contact + BS 

"Official pre-alpha release" (whatever that may be) coming soon !!!!!


Kind regards

P.S.: this is a private hobby project and I am not backed by any company
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>                                                     Christoph 
> Valentin wrote        
>                   >Would be easier for me, because I need not learn 
> Java any more.        
>  >Maybe, I'm already too old to learn a new programming language, and 
> actually I *should* do more networking and >less coding :-)        
>                                             [Russ Kinter] Just for 
> the record and to purge any misconceptions about Deep Matrix it is very 
> doubtful that you needed to learn Java. A working knowledge of JavaScript 
> to manipulate shared events is needed, but that is true of any X3D/VRML 
> client/server system.        
>                   Even if additional classes were needed for your 
> goals, you most assuredly face the same needs/obstacles in other 
> client/server systems.         
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