[X3D-Public] FreeWRL Desktop, IPhone and Android status.

John A. Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Fri Jun 17 14:57:53 PDT 2011

Hi all;

Just a Friday evening status report; hope you don't mind my posting this.   ;-)

The FreeWRL developers are having lots of fun recently.

Work is afoot to solve the "can't run two instances of FreeWRL from within browsers on Windows/Apple computers"; data storage, and a common FreeWRL library interfacing scheme is close to completion. Thanks to a handful of FreeWRL volunteers for this work.

The iPhone/Android builds - I have an iPhone, but do not have an Android device yet, but from what I hear, the Android code (OpenGL ES 2.0 devices) works.

The IPhone/Android builds need OpenGL ES 2.0, and, if you know much about this, it requires lots of new code to be written. This is going quite well.  Walk and Examine modes working, but sensors like TouchSensor, not. There are some other gaping holes that will get filled sooner rather than later. On the iPhone, we currently do not link Javascript; unsure about what course of action to take there.

We are always interested in new people interested in working with the code base; there's lots of action here; lots of room for you to make your mark, especially if you are into UI design, and wish to work on front ends on the mobile platforms, or are interested in writing GLSL shaders, or, in fact, any other bit of code.

Personally, I have to move my work (in which I use the FreeWRL library for graphics rendering) over to the Android platform from the apple platform, so expect the Android to become more visible in the next few months.

Thanks; have a good weekend;

John A. Stewart.
Ottawa, Canada.

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