[X3D-Public] Has anyone gotten Contact working in Firefox/Chrome?

GLG info at 3dnetproductions.com
Wed Jun 29 17:42:49 PDT 2011

We have the officetowers.com world working with Contact in
IE, FF, Chrome and even Safari and Opera (although Opera
is not officially supported because it tends to be too
slow and we're having other issues with it). This is one
of the most complex worlds out there, with plenty of SAI
scripts interfacing with CGI, SQL, cookies, MU server
among others without trouble. I do not have much time to
look over your code atm but at least now you know it
should work. What happens when you run your world
stand-alone in Contact? If you have the same issues then
it is probably not the web browsers.


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>Hi all.
>I'm having trouble getting anything like SAI or EAI or
>whatever working
>with Contact 7.2 and anything but IE.
>I can't set any value to any field on any node. I
>can't even getWorld on
>it. I can getVersion ok, and a few other API's, so I
>know it's not brain
>dead per-se. The scene loads ok via the SRC param to
>the 'embed', but I
>can't get anything into or out of the scene.
>And, how do you set up a 'listener'? I have this odd
>thing working in IE
>but it doesn't work the same way in FF or Chrome. Is
>it a DOM thing of
>some sort to set up?
>Any working examples would get you my eternal
>gratitude and beverage of
>your choice when next we meet.
>Dave A.
>PS: the code:
>        function SetSomething()
>        {
>                var n = document.Contact.getWorld();
>                alert (n); // always null
>                alert (document.Contact.getVersion());
>// this is ok!
>                document.Contact.setNodeEventIn
>('MyText', 'string',
>'test'); // fail
>        }
>  <embed
>id = 'Contact' name='Contact'
>   width="96%%" height="96%%"
>   SRC="SimpleScene.x3dv"
>   PrimitiveQuality="HIGH"
>   antialias="TRUE"
>   MaxTextureSize="0"
>   LoadScreen="TRUE"
>   RightMouseMenu="FULL"
>  >
><input type='button' onClick='SetSomething()'
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