[X3D-Public] The Network Sensor is not enough

Christoph Valentin christoph.valentin at gmx.at
Sat Mar 5 00:37:17 PST 2011

Hi Don, hi X3D-public

Thanks for the positive feed back.

I've updated the paper: 

Btw: I heard about another server, that could be used for my project. Would 
be easier for me, because I need not learn Java any more.

Maybe, I'm already too old to learn a new programming language, and 
actually I *should* do more networking and less coding :-)

Kind regards
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> Betreff: Re: [X3D-Public] The Network Sensor is not enough
>             hi Christoph, it is great to hear about your steady efforts 
> and
> progress.
> we had some progress during these past 2 weeks with X3D-Edit.
> the DIS player/recorder is a bit more usable, and we fixed a
> nagging problem with threads and memory making the tool much
> more reliable.
> 	https://savage.nps.edu/X3D-Edit
> as we gradually get these various networking capabilities
> running stably and persistent, the value will be much more
> obvious to others.  at that point a new and attainable
> challenge will be bridging various VE protocols for even
> further interoperability.
> good luck with your continued work.
> all the best, Don
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