[X3D-Public] Ref. list of DIS / xmlDIS installations

Sven-Erik Tiberg Sven-Erik.Tiberg at ltu.se
Mon Mar 7 05:01:23 PST 2011


One of my former students holds now a senior position at a company developing aviation simulators.

We have worked together and tossed ideas for many years and as he read my paper proposal for www.web3d2011.org<http://www.web3d2011.org>,

he put out the idea to use xmlDIS over XMPP for their installations.

To push for this development it would be interesting to put together a list of systems using DIS or xmlDIS and planned systems.

Appreciating all inputs.

/Sven-Erik Tiberg Lulea Univ. Of Techn. Sweden

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