[X3D-Public] MultiTexture: call for references

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Mar 9 09:29:17 PST 2011

Am hoping to collect a set of references regarding MultiTexture

In general, X3D tries to only specify rendering behavior that can
be supported by OpenGl and DirectX, with other rendering engines
and 3D specifications also of interest.

We need to collect specification references for OpenGL, OpenGL-ES,
DirextX, Collada, etc.  I poked around to find the following references,
which are also not very satisfying.

Can someone research and document the key references for MultiTexture?

Blythe, David. Advanced Graphics Programming Techniques Using OpenGL. Siggraph 1999.

This is pretty dated.

The OpenGL Graphics System: A Specification
(Version 4.1 (Core Profile) - July 25, 2010)

L.3.3 Multitexture, p. 454
> The name string for multitexture is GL_ARB_multitexture. It was promoted to
> a core feature in OpenGL 1.3.

OpenGL-ES 1.2  has some subset requirements.

all the best, Don
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