[X3D-Public] SPAM: Comparing Flash, HTML, Silverlight, X3D and Unity 3d

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I replied but I've been away from this for awhile except for using it  
in video production.   I just did an experiment with green screen  
compositing in Sony Vegas, simplistic but it worked brilliantly.

In contrast to what the reviewer claimed, VRML incarnations have been  
the easiest to adapt to projects where cost-benefit of toolkits and  
richness of presentation are compared.   X3D is a) easy to learn, not  
hard b) complexity scales to the project.  Easy things are easy; hard  
things are possible.

DB integration may still be a tougher problem although I've done no  
work in this area.  Still, it shouldn't be and since XMLHTTP  
integration is fairly well-covered amd X3DDOM demonstrable, it seems  
to be a matter of commercial adoption lagging in a market where  
vendors continue to have a 1990s mentality regarding raising  
complexity and IP barriers to competition in attempts to conquer market.

3D should not be a major competitive advantage in a project.  It  
should be a checkmark where the cost of content ownership is the  
primary consideration, not the cost of tool integration.  When you  
look at the history of 3D projects by very large companies that litter  
the bit dustbins of the web, one would think we would have learned it  
is not a market where bit-level innovation will be the tipping point  
driver, yet iron and bit twiddlers still seem to be the thought  
leaders.  Unfortunate.  3D is just another integrating media type.


Quoting Don Brutzman <brutzman at nps.edu>:

> On 3/12/2011 4:43 PM, Damon H wrote:
>> Found this article and thought I would share.
>> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5200745/comparing-flash-html-silverlight-x3d-and-unity-3d
> thanks Damon, interesting.  looks like we still have some work to do!  8)
> all the best, Don
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