[X3D-Public] extending a polygon with X3DOM

Yvonne Jung yjung at igd.fhg.de
Sat Mar 26 02:48:09 PDT 2011


theoretically, this is possible and an intended use case for x3dom (though for
complex modeling tasks one should use a DCC tool), and we've already used this
functionality for a PointSet. However, I'm not quite sure, if everything is
already implemented and bug-free. But please give it a try and report problems
in the x3dom forum on sourceforge.net.


Am Sa, 26.03.2011, 06:47, schrieb John Carlson:
> Is it possible to build a polyline/polygon with X3DOM on the fly (with
> JavaScript), or do I have to delete and add a polyline/polygon for each new
> point?  Say I want to add points to the polyline/polygon by clicking on cubes
> that I've added previously.  A simple example would be a Draw Tool where I
> want to draw a polyline/polygon.
> Is this the distinction between an Authoring tool and  a Browser, or is there
> no distinction?
> Trying to decide if I need WebGL, or just X3DOM + JavaScript will do.   I'm
> certainly hoping I don't have to do WebGL.
> I've already written this app in JOGL, so I assume it's possible with WebGL.
> John
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