[X3D-Public] When will see Kinect + X3D input? Soon? Here's Kinect + World of Warcraft

Sven-Erik Tiberg Sven-Erik.Tiberg at ltu.se
Thu Nov 17 01:50:34 PST 2011

The newly relesed Kinect SDK http://kinectforwindows.org/ seems interesting, but how to connect it to a X3D sceen.

Maybee trough some NetworkSensorNode using some protocol and JScript using libs from http://strophe.im/, or a C++ based X3Dbrowser but then it's limited to that browser.

This will give body gesture control, could it be possible to add OpenCV based code to add hand/finger control.

And can we use "brain position feedback control" to on the fly calibrate positions and will it introduse brain fatigue.

Just some thoughts.


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This is a step in the right direction.
Microsoft XBox 360 Kinect preview for X3D applications

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