[X3D-Public] Dragging things in screen-space

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 22 19:40:23 PDT 2011

> putting a drag sensor into a billboard (camera-facing) would get me 
> close,

maybe a DragSensor would help, and think about just a simple Anchor.
For example, it seems to work when an Anchor includes a clickable 
So, use the Anchor to declare a child is a clickable shape, then 
position the suggested viewpoint relative to the object.

DEF Venus1 Viewpoint { position 25 4 50 description "Venus" }

DEF Venus Transform { ...
  children [
    Anchor { description "Planet Venus" url "#Venus1" ...
      children [ Shape { geometry ...

or similar. The point is that when you click on the Shape child of the 
Anchor, url is followed then Viewpoint Venus1 becomes active and the 
view changes to the defined Venus1 position and orientation.
Good Luck and Best Regards,

define the target Viewpoint position then
For example, If you
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> Does anyone know of a way to drag something (like using a 
> PlaneSensor) such that the result is being able to drag an object in 
> the plane of the screen, no matter the orientation?
> I would have thought putting a drag sensor into a billboard 
> (camera-facing) would get me close, but it's got problems. So I'm 
> looking for a script or proto that can accomplish this. Or any tips 
> on extensions like Device or Mouse sensor. Any platform, any player. 
> Thanks
> Dave A.
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