[X3D-Public] 3D in HTML! What a great new idea!

cbullard at hiwaay.net cbullard at hiwaay.net
Fri Aug 10 06:46:45 PDT 2012

Which I agree with.  Tony, you're being political.  Ok, but once  
again, that is the way to rob an initiative of long term credibility  
for short-term hype bursts.

Web3D has and never will be an HTML-like application simply because 3D  
is hard and requires levels of training and talent not required for  
documents and really is beyond most web-page builders unless you give  
them legos.  This is much like the early GUIs where to build one you  
had to understand closer-to-the metal concepts.  For art, this is  
acceptable and even preferable because style is everything.  For  
screen widgets that have to conform to a standard look, feel and  
performance metric, not so much.


Quoting Joshua Smith <jesmith at kaon.com>:

> But the reason I posted this link in the first place is that it  
> reads like these guys are just "inventing" VRML or X3D all over  
> again. I can see why they might want to revise history, but acting  
> like it never happened saps their credibility.
> -Joshua

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