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Betreff: SRR Tools latest version - SrrTrains Newsletter

        Dear Friends of SrrTrains

The latest change (supporting web spaces) was not only applied to the SRR 
Framework (I reported on 2012-10-21), but it has afterwards been brought to 
the SRR Tools, too.

Please find
            - some notes about the latest version of the SRR Tools 
(supporting web spaces): SrrTools v0.04.1 "pre-alpha"

            - some explanation, why the project is stopped now
                Have a nice week

P.S.: Some explanation about being stopped of the project

        Many people told me it sounded strange, when I said the project was 
stopped, but on the other hand I wrote on and on newsletters.        
        Well, first the question: "Which project are we talking about?" We 
have more than one project.
        First, there is the foundation of the concept SrrTrains. This is 
the *open* source project http://simulrr.sourceforge.net , which provides 
the SRR Framework.

Second, there is a project, which is built on that foundation. This is 
the*closed* source project http://simulrr.wordpress.com .

This project provides the SRR Tools, which are an *optional* part of the 
concept SrrTrains.

Second question: Why is the project stopped?

Well, the first project, the foundation, *is* stopped, because it has 
reached the major goals and because I think, the next steps are not up to 
that project.

In a metaphoric language, one could say: The open source project has "died" 
and now it should be "buried" to a "lower layer" to be one humble "seed" of 
several "seeds" to "grow" a "Mature Network Sensor" (MNS).
        The second project is stopped, because it *needs* a "Mature Network 
Sensor", thus it is not *really* stopped, but it is rather "hibernating".

Hope this explains my going back and forth with "the project is stopped", 
"I do still some error corrections", "the story is not over", but "I cannot 
afford the whole effort alone" and so on and so on.    
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