[X3D-Public] 10MM triangle VRML model

John Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Thu Feb 9 12:50:32 PST 2012


> I have a 10 million triangle VRML97 3D model that someone on our creative team would like to show to a customer (the model was developed for offline rendering, but it would be a lot easier to have the discussion we need to have if they could change the point of view).
> Anyone know of any free viewer that could display a model of this size without crashing? I don't mind if frame rate is awful.

(first, can you reduce the vertex count via mesh lab or some other mesh management program?)

In theory, most will handle this. It depends on the graphics card. Assuming that the X3D program is not decades old; it should hold the vertices etc on the graphics card. (even the old "display lists" in OpenGL run fast on OSX because it caches stuff on the gpu) 

I did some testing with FreeWRL last August for an OpenCL internal paper; 3,125,000 triangles was relatively easy. 

At a certain point, when the graphics card can not hold the data, you have "issues" because the graphics card requires the data on it.  My desktop mac had problems when I increased the triangle count past about 4-5 million, but one of the newer cards might be better here.

I was doing Sphere/Cylinder collision comparisons between OpenCL and on the CPU; found that I could make the X3D collision avoidance algorithm run 10x (plus) faster for colliding within a shapes bounding box.  

I'd expect any of the X3D players to do ok, of course not as well as FreeWRL, but, ok nonetheless ;-)

FYI; the GPU collision algorithm could do 82,236,842 triangles/second - so the frame rate was ok - flickered but ok.

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