[X3D-Public] 10MM triangle VRML model

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 18:54:48 PST 2012

Joshua Smith wrote:
> Anyone know of any free viewer that could display a model of this
> size without crashing? I don't mind if frame rate is awful.

view3dscene can also handle very large scenes. 10 millions of triangles 
should not be a problem, I remember testing once on a generated tree 
model with >50 millions of triangles :)

How it will work for your depends a lot on your scene. Some hints:

- Division into shapes is important. You should not have too many shapes 
(10 million shapes, each having 1 triangle, will load forever), you 
should not have too few shapes (as then you loose frustum culling). The 
first rule is more important. Let's say: try to keep within 10 thousands 
of shapes. Try to have around 100 or 1000 shapes, but 1 shape is also 
acceptable although unoptimal.

- Disable collisions, i.e. wrap your scene inside

   Collision {
     collide FALSE
     children ....

In case of view3dscene, this avoids creating a collision structure 
(octree) for your scene, which otherwise may take a significant time at 
loading and memory (although may work reasonably fast, once created --- 
but this again depends on your model). If you really need collisions, 
you can still make them fast by using Collision.proxy to supply a 
simplified geometry for colliding.


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