[X3D-Public] X3D Followers meeting Wednesday please

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Feb 22 09:03:54 PST 2012

Several more points on Follower nodes were discussed today.

One other potential benefit:
- authoring tools would be able to offer consistent support to authors,
offering consistent interface options for using either a chaser
or a damper for a given data type.

A significant downside that we want to avoid:  trying to maintain
different versions of X3D v3.3 for ISO and Web3D.  It is possible
(with nontrivial work) to maintain separate schemas.  What is less
workable to authors is to use different DTDs or schemas as part of
using these nodes - I don't think that is practical or desirable,
especially for the time that might elapse before another specification

Herbert, thanks for joining the call today and also thanks for
identifying the possible improvement in default initial values
for the Damper tau and order fields, and the Chaser duration field.
I agree with your reasoning on the call that changing the defaults 
to something useful for authors is a good idea.  Please post this
to the X3D public mailing list so we can learn whether this is
objectionable to any authors.


I will meet with Dick on Thursday afternoon to discuss what the proper
document would look like for ISO review, hopefully producing it so that
it can be sent out for review.

all the best, Don
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