[X3D-Public] Everyday problems with X3D: VRML 1 conversions

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Feb 29 09:12:07 PST 2012

Mike asked about VRML 1 conversions.  cc: public list

Regarding conversions from VRML 1, here is what we know about
on the X3D Resources page:


1. Okino Polytrans is the premier industry translation tool that can
convert many many different file formats (including Collada) to and from
X3D, VRML97 and VRML 1.0. 

2.  VRML 1.0 to VRML97 Converter by Octaga

This link is no longer publicly available.  Does anyone know how to
reach them, can we ask them to release it?

3.  CosmoPlayer included a converter in the original distribution,
wondering if that is the case.  Can someone check?

4.  Instant Reality has a nice converter, but it doesn't seem to
include VRML 1 support.

Any additional links to converters with VRML 1 capabilities will be

all the best, Don
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