[X3D-Public] Avatars watch NASA YouTube at Virtual Command Center - 2012

x3d-public x3d-public at 3dnpvei.com
Wed Jan 18 13:45:13 PST 2012

Hi Everyone,

Here is something we think is cool; Avatars watching
multiple space related YouTube videos in a command center
type of setting. Watch it on YouTube or try it first hand
with FF or Chrome (will not work in IE).


Below is the standard YouTube description.



This is the 3rd video of the Office Towers 3D World
series. It begins with briefly showing the virtual world's
avatar selection and login procedure. You will also see a
quick recap of the World Teleport's operation. Next you
will enter the Command Center where 12 NASA and space
related YouTube videos are on display. An avatar will
select some of them for viewing at your pleasure. Also,
not shown in previous videos is the X3Daemon chat frame.
To see more please login at officetowers.com and enter the
virtual world yourself. It is free and looks better live.
You'll be able to watch all 12 videos with your avatar
friends too, thanks to the X3Daemon Multiuser Network
Server (x3daemon.com).

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